Wikileaks – About seeing the bigger picture through subjectivity

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.” The Little Prince by A. de Saint Exupery

I felt like a secret agent in the midst of an investigation that leads into all areas of human nature these last days during my research. I stepped into the most weird and the most healthy areas of mankind. And I really do not need any Movie-Thrillers at the moment as there’s so much archetypical stuff in this whole Wikileaks-Story, this all is such a big projection screen for humanity that I am impressed! 16hrs research and 24 Windows on the net open at the same time , that’s record. Let’s face it: it must be an important theme for me as for the rest of the world.

I am very happy I am in touch with my Soul in all this scenario and with the Soul of others! This is the most important aspect for me at this moment.

Because: there is a degree of complexity when I get into the deeper dimensions of a situation, that even MY mind is getting useless somehow cause it’s just too much to grasp it.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” The Little Prince by A. de Saint Exupery

Impact and Implications

To get back down to earth I have to say that I am also happy to not be in Julian Assanges‘ shoes at the moment. This must be a huge blast of diffuse energy towards him from all over the world. The collective projections might be as tough as those on Madonna, Robin Hood, Jesus, Michael Jackson, Scientology, Obama and Hitler all together! Chapeau for someone who doesn’t loose himself underneath all this!

From the Hero’s Journey-projection, to animus projection to shadow projection and whatever sicko or holy we might have surpressed in ourselves: now it’s moving, it’s shaking, it’s taking form and dissolving and than again raising in our consciousness. Lucky us, if we are a bit aware of what is going on underneath the surface and not only surviving these times „somehow“ by putting our heads into the sand of time.


No way to write all I’ve found down here – it would become a 500Pages Book! For who likes to know and see the bigger picture of the whole Wikileaks-Situation I highly recommend to do a BROAD and IN DEPTH INVESTIGATION YOURSELF instead of -as we are usually used to- just pick up the little grains of information the mainstream media are letting out about it.

I furnish some topics that are connected to the Wikileaks theme and which attracted my attention on my way through the djungle of information actually on the surface at the internet and mainstream media. No links. Go fishing yourself intuitively, forget about linear and anticipate, then you’ll find exactly what fits your state of consciousness today. So did I.

And: I haven’t been busy with any cables at all – I did only look at the storyline.

Some hints

I’ve been through blog entries of a very subjective kind of course, some were brilliant, through mass media articles on Wikileaks and Julian Assange, his involvement as an adviser in the „Modern Media Initiative“ (IMMI) in Iceland leading to new laws concerning free speeach there (strong press and source protection laws) , a panel at the EU parliament organized by the ALDE with Assange and the Icelandic politician AND Wikileaks activist Birgitta Jonsdottier about (self)censorship and free speech, a TED interview with Julian Assange on the role of Wikileaks,  a source linking to Assange’s essays BEFORE starting Wikileaks, dissonances within the Wikileaks team, Assanges childhood and him being on the run for 5 years with his mother as a kid, a cult named „The Family“, „The Brotherhood“ Movement in Sweden and the involvement of Anna A. in it, her being one of the ladies accusing Assange of having raped her, articles on Anna A.’s involvement into the feminism in Sweden and a „cache“-view on and translation of  her deleted blog entry about „7 steps to legal revenge“, some views on the how’s and why’s of Anna A. and Sofia W. meeting up and realizind that Assange slept with both within 3 days, statements from the women against rape-organization doupting the approach in the Assange case, media reports about the actions of prosecutor Ny in Sweden and her request to isolate Assange in prison, a documentary on Wikileaks and some of Assanges talks preceding the recent events. And much more…

This situation and it’s impact are  so multidimensional that at a given moment my brain shut down and my heart opened. So, that is why I have no opinion even though having seen so much information. And probably that is the best thing I can imagine right now. It gives me peace of mind to realize that things just have to be that way and not putting events into boxes.

What is this all about?

My curiousity was triggered early in the events but the complexity of the story and the potential for everyone witnessing to enlarge their horizon is meaning and sense enough, for Wikileaks to exist I guess. I have no opinion about it all but I am fully aware that at it’s core it isn’t about cables and not about the person of Julian Assange but about a shift in they way we communicate with and look at eachother on a global platform. I feel it is about self-responsability of each individual to deal with incoming info and find an attitude towards it which allows to see the heart of the matter. And I also feel that it’s about about fearlesness facing the change.

I am kinda grateful to be around during these times. Very exciting and inspiring.

And I feel in training   – having completely failed to make any clear judgement on the situation. My ability to discriminate is challenged.

That might be how the guys looking for feel…

I am grateful to witness but I feel like a fool. And I like it:-).

„Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.“ Antoine de Saint-Exupery „The Little Prince“


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