Like a child

Did you ever observe a child who draw a picture? A 4 or 5 year old. It sees the world, a person, a hand, a tree in all details. When the kid is drawing a hand with 5 fingers on the picture it becomes a kinda circle because the child hasn’t learned yet to use his body, his fingers and hand to copy the picture it sees or imagines. Same for bees, or trees. It usually looks like something similair but sometimes we really have to ask the kid „and what is this here???“ The kid would answer: It’s a TREE! Don’t you see that!?“ :-)))

When I try to manifest my dreams, visions and wishes I sometimes feel like such a child trying to make a drawing. I have a picture in my mind of how things should look, should be, but because I haven’t perfectly learned to use my „tools“, my consciousness, imagination, my mind, my emotions and even parts of my physical body and all it’s „extensions“ like clothes, means of transport etc. my „picture“, my manifestation often becomes not at all what I wanted it to look like :-O and I ask myself „And what is this here?“  :-)))

I stop wondering, and instead keep training myself in all the skills and disciplines I need. To learn to use all tools I have as a human being.

Most important lesson for me: my heart wishes are easier to manifest when they are aligned with what some call God’s will, or the will of the Whole.

So may it be!

Love, S.


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