Faithfulness is a very interesting topic.

I got busy with it from the moment my puberty started and I fell in love for the first time having to learn that to love someone doesn’t imply to be sexually faithful by nature.

Being sexually faithful in a relationship is a decision we make. Our (sexual) impulses might be as much „programmed by nature“ as they are in all other species. But as human I can make a choice. First of all to become more aware of myself, my patterns, my motives, my hormones, my beliefs and my personal borders and then taking responsibility for all my actions (and the reactions that would come with it ;-). With this attitude there is no one to blame. It’s just learning more about myself everyday.

I believe in reincarnation and to me it is obvious that humans as nearly all other species are „programmed“ to mix as much as possible in order to „create“ new bodies with as much individual dispositions as possible. In my belief Soul incarnates in each life to learn specific lessons and needs the right physical form and surrounding in order to learn new things in the world of matter.

Lately I researched about the endocrine system and the differences in male and female bodies. Reducing it to stereotypes I would say everything is as it’s meant to be – sexually – if a man with a relationship wants to sleep with other women. And also that a woman tends to feel the wish to „bind“ herself to a man after making love. It’s all in the hormones so far;-)

Deciding to focus sexually on only ONE person can be a healthy decision when it comes to getting more aware of the love within my self (which is one of my goals). Being exclusive means taking the risk to get hurt, because until the day I am totally detached in my relationships, I would always feel hurt if my partner sleeps with others. For me the decision to stay faithful to just one man (having opportunities but not taking them as they come only because Eros tells me so) represents a unique possibility to learn to cope with my own evolutionary program, to learn self discipline, to learn to trust, to live with uncertainty, to learn to give freedom, to learn to let go. To learn more about all this is my personal goal. And it’s MY decision. I don’t have to connect it to the promise of my man to be faithful too. Everyone is free to choose their state of consciousness and the attitude coming with that.

And to choose the partner which fits with the lessons one’s Soul is learning in a certain moment of this lifetime.

I feel spiritual freedom in being aware that I have the choice to adjust my attitude to the things happening in my life and not being a „victim“ of my education, society or a cheating partner.

For me everything has a spiritual aspect and I cannot imagine reducing the topic of sexual-faithfulness or unfaithfulness to only „physical nature“.


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